Fuck Yeah, Nissan
Fuck Yeah, Nissan

Fuck Yeah, Nissan


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destroyfromwithin said:Hey I'm a huge fan of the s13 hatch and hopefully am getting one soon but could you clarify what the 180sx is, is it the uk/euroasia 240 or is it the reference to the hatchback version (pop up lights) and the coupe is the 240 or is it a different model all together?

Basically the main difference are the engines, 180s come with CA18 or SR20 engines and 240s are KA24.. 240 is left hand drive 180 right.. Now you can get way more detailed about it (different lights, different shapes of parts etc) but I can’t be fucked lol if you want to know more research it (you can just google and I’m sure you’ll get heaps of info) or I’m sure someone on here will correct anything wrong I’ve said or add more info.
Oh and sorry if you sent this message ages ago I don’t go on this site anymore, so my bad :)

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Thanks :)

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